Meditation by the Sea

About me:

Hi! I'm Jeannette Tappan and I have been an educator for almost twenty years and bring the valuable knowledge and experience I have gained while working with young people, guiding and supporting their goals, to my coaching clients. Although I love teaching and love my students, life had bigger plans to use my teaching skills to lead others in creating a new life. It led me to a greater calling and my true soul purpose filled with even more meaning because it allows me to serve clients to find their truest, fullest life. 

I am a practicing yogi and use the mind/body connection to help me stay in tune with my higher self. I enjoy learning and applying self improvement philosophies, raising my spiritual awareness and embracing transformation. I am inspired to live each day better than the day before. My goal is to share my joy of living and my life’s experience with others, and help them discover their best self, raise their vibrational frequency from lack to attract infinite abundance. 

My coaching style is structured yet supportive which will easily guide you to work through the steps needed to take action toward your new life. I will assist you in asking meaningful and thought provoking questions that will bring you the outcomes you desire for your dream life. I will help you unlearn old patterns, release paradigms that are holding you back, tap into your higher power so that you can consciously choose a different path to a newer version of yourself. YOU ARE WORTHY!

I am fortunate to combine my life experience with the proven, DreamBuilder program to help my clients achieve extraordinary results in an accelerated time frame. 

I will lead you through a twelve week program designed to take you through a journey that will help you; 

  • Design a “Blueprint” for your dream life

  • Take “Steps” toward the direction of your dream

  • Navigate the “Gap”

  • Learn a “Lifelong” skill set

  • “Live” from the Point of Power within